What People Are Saying

What people are saying about this amazing book:

Photo Mike Pence“When John Cohoat told me about his book at a recent talk in Elkhart County, I told him it’s wonderful to hear from the people of Elkhart County and know that they are focused on their own recovery. John’s book captures the spirit of small business in America today… moving ahead despite all the road blocks our Government is trying to put in their way.”

 Indiana Congressman Mike Pence


Photo Bill Glazer“John Cohoat did a great job in putting this book together and it is a real testament how Entrepreneurs can not only survive, but THRIVE in tough economic times. Every business owner should read this book and will be inspired to overcome any adversity that they might experience.”

  Bill Glazer, President, Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™, The PLACE For PROSPERITY™


Photo Paul Estridge, Jr.“As a residential developer in Central Indiana, we’ve been hit hard by the downturn and I can tell you that sometimes it’s hard to find the silver linings in the Recession Clouds. ‘No Thank You, Mr. President’ makes me remember whyour company fights the fight every day and gives me hope that all of us will com back. Thanks, John.”

 Paul Estridge, President, The Estridge Companies


Photo Nina Hershberger“Being an Elkhart county small business owner myself with clients as far away as New Zealand and who’d business grew even during the recession, I’m so glad that John Cohoat took time out his busy life to interview and tell ‘the rest of the Elkhart County story’. Bailouts and handouts are not the answer and John nailed that message. This is an inspiring book full of stories of rising above the mediocre crowd. You won’t want to put it down.”

Nina Hershberger, Megabucks Marketing


Photo David A. Bego“I really appreciate the effort it takes as a first time author, because I went through this last year with my own book. John has done a masterful job finding great stories from our friends in Northern Indiana and has put a unique spotlight on the entrepreneurial spirit.”

David A. Bego, President, Executive Management Services, Inc. and author of “The Devil at My Doorstep”


Photo Bill Shuttleworth“John Cohoat’s book highlights many of the same concerns we all have about where our government is going and how it is failing us. However, John recounts how capitalism and Midwest values can still be the beacon of hope for our great Country. As a farmer, author and small business owner, I can tell you this book really resonates with me and I highly recommend you read it soon to rekindle your spirit.”

Bill Shuttleworth, President, Shuttleworth Insurance and author of “The 2nd American Revolution”.


Thank you for the copy of “No Thank You, Mr. President.” I feel like I know a couple of your subjects, personally after reading it. I particularly like the stories about Wes Culver, Paris and Becky Ball-Miller, and the Amish machine shop. Thanks again.

Chuck Trautman, Dawson Method Golf, Phoenix, AZ

I finished your book yesterday. Well done. I’m sending it to my dad who is also a ND grad and will enjoy. I want him to read it before I send a copy to his more liberal sister who once lived in Mishawaka. Even though the book talked about Elkhart IN business successes, I had quite a few writer downers I can apply to my business in Omaha NE. Thanks for the good work.

Mike Root, Furniture Sales of Mid-America, Omaha, NE.

“I finished it in three days and I am reading it again. Great stories! Great Spirit in Elkhart County. I found some real gold and finished the book ready to go out and make something happen.”

Mark Griffin, Cookies By Design, South Bend, Indiana

Hi John, yes we did get the book and I was very impressed. Great job. I felt the book was accurate and very well written. I ordered several more copies and am looking forward to giving those out.

Greg Puckett, Language Art, Middlebury, IN

John, I need to get 4 copies of your book. I am using them as birthday gifts this summer. Let me know when I can pick them up!! Thanks!

Kris Siegel-Miller, Middlebury, IN

GREAT BOOK, by the way John. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Frankly, the recaps at the end of each chapter alone make the book worth 10X the price. Same with the Kennedy stuff, too.

Greg DePorter, Six Figure Wealth Coach, Portage, Indiana

Just finished the book and it was exactly what I expected. I only wish that it featured even more of the local success stories that are out there! Nice work.

Ray Saxe, SPHR