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Interesting Time Article About Obama in Elkhart

This article from Time Magazine which is circulating around message boards in our area points to the attitudes about Pres. Obama and how he approached Elkhart County. With the benefit of hindsight, I think this validates the main point of my book, which is to repudiate the notion that government is the answer to our […]

Wes Culver Realty in Elkhart County, Indiana

No Thank You Mr. President – more about the book

John Cohoat Nominated for the 2010 Indiana Emerging Author Award

I am proud to announce that John Cohoat is a nominee for the 2010 Indiana Emerging Author Award for his book, No Thank You, Mr. President. [CLICK TO RESERVE YOUR COPY] This prestigious honor is given for the recognition of the contributions of Indiana authors to the literary landscape in Indiana and across the nation. […]