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Local 9/12 Meeting

My wife Adrienne and I had the opportunity to attend the Michiana 9/12 meeting last night in Elkhart County. Kudos to Scott Jones and his team for a great meeting. Saw many friends and met some great people. The enthusiasm in the group is contagious.
Congrats to the group on getting Glenn Beck to come for a big event on September 18th!! What a coup!
The main speaker was Chris Chocola, former congressman and now president of the Club for Growth. We were all impressed by the fiscally conservative agenda of the Club for Growth and the way they choose how to insert themselves and their financial support into key races around the country. I suggest you check them out at

John Cohoat Nominated for the 2010 Indiana Emerging Author Award

Logo Indiana Authors AwardI am proud to announce that John Cohoat is a nominee for the 2010 Indiana Emerging Author Award for his book, No Thank You, Mr. President. [CLICK TO RESERVE YOUR COPY]

This prestigious honor is given for the recognition of the contributions of Indiana authors to the literary landscape in Indiana and across the nation. The goal being to elevate the written arts in Indiana, inspiring Hoosiers’ love of reading and drawing greater attention to “home-grown” literary greats. The Award celebrates authors whose quality work has made, or has the potential to make, a lasting public impact.

Please join me in sending a heartfelt congratulations to John.

All the best,
Kathy J. Berona, CPS
Executive Assistant to:
John S. Cohoat

Obama Doesn’t Believe in the Boilers or Elkhart County

The Purdue Boilermakers proved Mr. Obama wrong when they fought hard through the first 2 rounds of the NCAA tourney this weekend. It was revealed that our esteemed President picked Siena to beat the Boilers in round 1 and said he “felt sorry for them,” for the adversity with losing a key player to injury about a month ago.

But, the Boilers rallied and showed grit and determination all weekend, making it through to the Sweet 16 Round.
When Obama came to Elkhart several times, he had the same attitude. He feels sorry for us because of all that has happened with our major industries and really doesn’t believe we can do it. That’s why he has to bail us out with the massive stimulus deal. (Same thing applies to the health care issue. We would be much better off with our own private system and letting us take care of our selves. Personal responsibility always trumps big government.)

The message in my book is that we can do it and we believe in ourselves, no matter the odds. That’s the Hoosier, Elkhart County and American way.

Go all the way Boilers!! (and Elkhart County)

Welcome from the Author

As we move forward with getting this book published, the topic seems more important than ever, so I hope you will read the book and study the comments in this blog.

A little about the title…While I obviously don’t agree with most of Mr. Obama’s agenda, the title is really intended to grab your attention and make you think. Why would anyone possibly want to deny all the massive stimulus dollars if they are offered? Especially in a place as hard hit as Elkhart County, Indiana?

The answer is that we’re better than that and we know better. We are resilient, tough business people and we’ve met every challenge thrown our way as a County, as a State and as a Country. So, we will make this work. But, the biggest threat is really if we abandon everything that makes common sense. If we start to think that someone else is going to bail us out, or somebody else is going to provide our safety net, then we’re doomed.

Each of us is the answer. The government is not the answer and that’s why we’re in the mess we have right now. We let the government, the media and the educators make us think that someone else can spend us out of our misery. It doesn’t work in business, in a family or in a Country. Our founders knew it and we need to remember what they taught us.


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