Bill Glazer interviews John Cohoat

Check out John’s interview on “Meet the Authors” hosted by Bill Glazer.

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Hope we are all appreciating what we have here in Elkhart County

As I come back from a great weekend, I just hope we all appreciate our Country and the great area we live in. It was a great weekend for our family, golf 2 times with my sons and some friends. Attended the Cubs/Reds game in Chicago on Sunday (they got beat, but it’s still great to live here where we can be so close to a great city like Chicago.) And, yesterday, we had the opportunity to have our 9 week old granddaughter visit us, plus my wife’s Mom came over to spend a nice day with us. It was the first time our daughter, who has been teaching in Kuwait, got to meet her niece. What a special day!

In short, this is what Holidays are for…. spending it with people you love, enjoying the weather and the area…. and celebrating all the things that make Elkhart County, our State and our Nation so great. Let’s do all we can to fight so that we don’t lose what we’ve got.

National Publicity for No Thank You, Mr. President Book

News Busters & Media Research CenterHere are links to stories posted about my book on News Busters and the Business and Media institute today!

Radio interview on WFRN this morning

I was on the morning show with Doug and Vincy at WFRN ( morning. They were great to work with and seemed to really like my book. Doug was very impressed with the way the companies in the book can be studied for solutions to tough times for all businesses.

We ended up extending the interview over twice as long because so many callers were asking questions. Gave away a few books including to a lady from the Ligonier Library. Fun times with great people at a wonderful radio station.

Doug will also be at the event “Celebrate Elkhart County Entrepreneurs” on June 16th at 8:30 AM at Das Essenhaus in Middlebury.

Once In A Lifetime Special Event June 16th


I want to make sure everyone is aware of the very special event we’re doing tied in with the local book launch of my book, “No Thank You, Mr. President”. June 16th starting at 8:30 AM. Details available in attached newsletter.

The event is free and at a Das Essenhaus in Middlebury, IN. ( for directions…they are featured in the book).

Dynamic keynote speaker, Jim Connelly (

Books available as well as book signing.

Great book: The Devil At My Doorstep

I wanted to let you all know about a book I’ve been following for about a year. It’s called “The Devil at My Doorstep” and is written by an author from Indianapolis named Dave Bego. He has a major company, Executive Management Services, that he built from scratch and now has 5,000 employees across the country. A true entrepreneur and very honorable businessman.
SEIU, run by Andy Stern, one of President Obama’s most trusted advisor, came after Dave and his company very hard. Dave recounts the chilling story about a 3 year battle with SEIU and how he was able to defeat them.
I’ve met Dave and he’s a personal friend of my brother, Matt. Just a very engaging and genuine guy. He constantly sends pertinent emails to many of us about important issues like Card Check, SEIU and the healthcare debacle. Now he’s got a great blog.
Here’s his web site. Check it out:

Wes Culver Realty in Elkhart County, Indiana

No Thank You Mr. President – more about the book

Mapletronics, from the Book “No Thank You Mr. President”

Jayco Inc., a company profile