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Cal Ripken loves my book!

Cal Ripken loves my book!

TV Interview on Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick

“No Thank You, Mr. President” makes the news! Spotlight with Gerry Dick promoting Elkhart’s ability to stand strong in a weak economy. Listen and share your feedback! Posted by John Cohoat

My Press Release about Election Results

Indiana Author of “No Thank You, Mr. President” Comments on Election Results For Immediate Release John Cohoat, author of the book about Elkhart County Indiana businesses, “No Thank You, Mr. President” shares these comments on the results of the mid-term elections. Cohoat said, “I started writing my book about the stories of businesses in Elkhart County […]

Glenn Beck talks about book on radio show

On Thursday, September 30th, Glenn Beck mentioned the story of Elkhart County Indiana as a model for the rest of the country. He told how the stimulus had been offered here and that the president had come 4 times to promote stimulus, but that a group of people in our area are saying “No Thank […]

Elkhart Luncheon Optimist Club 9-23-10

I had a great time today at the Elkhart Luncheon Optimist Club meeting held at Pumpernickels in downtown Elkhart. The group was friendly and attentive. They asked several good questions and seemed very much in tune with the theme of my book. One woman came up to me afterward and said she had been thinking […]

Interesting Time Article About Obama in Elkhart

This article from Time Magazine which is circulating around message boards in our area points to the attitudes about Pres. Obama and how he approached Elkhart County. With the benefit of hindsight, I think this validates the main point of my book, which is to repudiate the notion that government is the answer to our […]

Book Signing at Das Essenhaus on 8/21

I will be at Das Essenhaus, this Sat. 8/21 for a book signing. I’ll be set up by the Family Dining area. As you may know, they are one of the 10 companies featured in my book. By the way, the book has been selling quite well at Das Essenhaus. Already sold over 100 in […]

Great book: The Devil At My Doorstep

I wanted to let you all know about a book I’ve been following for about a year. It’s called “The Devil at My Doorstep” and is written by an author from Indianapolis named Dave Bego. He has a major company, Executive Management Services, that he built from scratch and now has 5,000 employees across the […]

No Thank You Mr. President – more about the book

Mapletronics, from the Book “No Thank You Mr. President”