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Glenn Beck talks about book on radio show

On Thursday, September 30th, Glenn Beck mentioned the story of Elkhart County Indiana as a model for the rest of the country. He told how the stimulus had been offered here and that the president had come 4 times to promote stimulus, but that a group of people in our area are saying “No Thank […]

Glenn Beck Talks About My Book!!

Glenn Beck appeared at “The Pursuit” sponsored by the Michiana 9/12 Coalition on 9-18-10 in Angola, IN at Trine University. The organizers all signed one of my books and gave it to Glenn just before he spoke, telling him the main parts of the story. Glenn talked about it and I happened to capture it […]

Intro Video

Welcome from the Author

As we move forward with getting this book published, the topic seems more important than ever, so I hope you will read the book and study the comments in this blog. A little about the title…While I obviously don’t agree with most of Mr. Obama’s agenda, the title is really intended to grab your attention […]