No Thank You, Mr. President by John S. Cohoat

This book is filled with inspiring stories from Elkhart County, Indiana (dubbed Unemployment Ground Zero by the national pundits). You will discover how real businesses stood up and decided to fight on their own to thrive in spite of our economic turmoil.

Known as the RV Capital of the World, Elkhart County, Indiana found itself mired in unemployment near 20% in 2009. Largely due to the gas crisis and financial meltdown conspired to cut off much of the business the region had relied on for years. Every week was met with more layoffs, plant shut downs, companies being sold and more bad news. Elkhart County was featured by FOX News, CNN, Major networks, national newspapers and even on late night comedy as the center of our nation’s economic misery.

Right after President Barack Obama was inaugurated, he chose Elkhart County as the first place to sell his massive stimulus package. His message of hope may have rung true for some, but many Elkhart County business people decided that bailouts coming from the government couldn’t be the right answer. This book provides stories of how real entrepreneurs, businesses and community leaders  rolled up their sleeves and worked to succeed despite the seemingly long odds.

This book has a MESSAGE OF HOPE based on American values of hard work, personal responsibility, celebrating success and reliance on the individual, not the government.

Here is a list of a few of the businesses whose story of success and hope will make you remember why America is the greatest Nation in history:

  • An Amish machine shop with exceptional skills, inventive products and minimal use of new technology.
  • A Real Estate Entrepreneur expanding and looking for new opportunities in the housing crisis. He even decided to run for State Representative.
  • A hometown Bank, holding true to their conservative policies and thriving despite the meltdown.
  • The largest privately owned RV Company gaining market share in a down market.
  • A husband and wife team who created a sensational new product that is growing like crazy in the competitive retail gift shop market.
  • A technology company flying under the radar, but growing and competing in well chosen niche markets the big guys aren’t interested in.
  • Special chapter on Recovering from the Recession. Ideas and practical advice on how you should be approaching the recession and why you CAN actually thrive RIGHT NOW.

John S. Cohoat
is a business advisor to entrepreneurs and has owned several businesses. As he observed the negative stories about his hometown and talked with locals, John realized their stories needed to be told. John shares REAL LIFE messages of hope from Elkhart County. John is a first time author and writes from the heart and that in itself is a refreshing experience.

Enjoy this inspirational book to make you feel good again about your Country. You will want to study it well because it contains themes and business principles you can apply in your own business and life. Finally, you will understand these stories are being lived every day, in every town in America and are the reason we will come back stronger than ever!

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