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Indiana Author of
“No Thank You, Mr. President”
Comments on Election Results

For Immediate Release

John Cohoat, author of the book about Elkhart County Indiana businesses, “No Thank You, Mr. President” shares these comments on the results of the mid-term elections. Cohoat said, “I started writing my book about the stories of businesses in Elkhart County right after President Obama’s inauguration because I knew there would be a tide sweeping the Country when the stated goals of his administration would start to be felt. Little did I know how far the themes from ‘No Thank You’ would resonate.”

On Monday, November 1st Cohoat noted the co-host of the Today Show, Meredith Viera said the polls were all showing the mood of the country was changing from Obama’s message of hope from his 2008 campaign to a message of  “Hope to Nope”. Cohoat echoed those sentiments noting the response to his book from speeches and book signings is that people are telling him they receive real inspiration from the entrepreneurial attitude, hard work and resilience of the businesses chronicled in “No Thank You, Mr. President”.

Cohoat also commented that Elkhart County continues to receive national attention as Fox News Icon Glenn Beck has taken note of his book and even mentioned it several times in a recent speech in Northern Indiana and on his nationally syndicated radio talk show. Beck said he plans to focus on the Elkhart County story in the next year as an example for the rest of the Country of how we should draw our strength from the American people and our Constitution, repudiating the notion that government must be the provider. Cohoat states, “The Founders realized a powerful government was the enemy of the people. I think many are starting to realize this is the case. We have much work to do.”

Cohoat is a resident of Elkhart County and works closely with many entrepreneurs and small businesses in the region on growth strategies even in tough times. More information about the book, speeches, seminars and a blog are available at

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