Hope we are all appreciating what we have here in Elkhart County

As I come back from a great weekend, I just hope we all appreciate our Country and the great area we live in. It was a great weekend for our family, golf 2 times with my sons and some friends. Attended the Cubs/Reds game in Chicago on Sunday (they got beat, but it’s still great to live here where we can be so close to a great city like Chicago.) And, yesterday, we had the opportunity to have our 9 week old granddaughter visit us, plus my wife’s Mom came over to spend a nice day with us. It was the first time our daughter, who has been teaching in Kuwait, got to meet her niece. What a special day!

In short, this is what Holidays are for…. spending it with people you love, enjoying the weather and the area…. and celebrating all the things that make Elkhart County, our State and our Nation so great. Let’s do all we can to fight so that we don’t lose what we’ve got.

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