Find the Pirate In YOU

I just returned from 3 days in Cleveland, the home of our founder and leader at Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, Dan Kennedy. For 2 full days, about 250 GKIC members got to hear Dan unplugged and at his best with the main theme tied to the release of his updated book “No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy”. Always the provocateur, Dan chose a pirate’s theme for the event, the main point being what he called the Pirate’s Credo: “Take all you can. The universe will make more.” Our main belief should be in abundance, not that when we make money, someone else gives it up.

We live in an era where the rich and successful are often vilified. Author Russell Baker put it this way “Giving the rich a good bashing makes you feel tip-top if you don’t happen to be rich yourself.” Dan’s Wealth Attraction principles are unabashedly aimed at allowing each of us to reach our wealth potential and to have the right alignment of mission in our lives where money, wealth and hopefully peace of mind, are moving toward us.

Of the 30 Wealth Attractors in his book, Dan only included about 12 in the workbook we received and he didn’t even cover all of those. The days were filled with many examples from Dan’s stories, magazine articles, movies and even testimonials from attendees. There was ample time to question Dan.

We also got to see Dan in his element. We got to meet Vicky, his assistant who works in Phoenix and Carla, his wife. Even the “Million Dollar Dog” made an appearance. I’m a big car buff and I was excited to see Dan’s new toy, Dean Martin’s Rolls Royce, which Dan drove to the meeting on Saturday. I have some video and pictures I will show at our next local chapter meeting of GKIC. Finally, the last night some of us were able to join Dan at the harness races, tour his stables (he owns about 20 horses) and even got to see him race.

For me, one big takeaway is that we all have the ability to attract wealth, even in tough times and when we’re under assault. A question posed in the materials was “What are you waiting for?” We all have unrealized goals and Dan’s point was that most of us let obstacles, real or imagined, get in our way. If we are always looking for the right time, having enough resources, having the right partner, somebody else not doing his part, etc. etc. etc. we can certainly find reasons not to reach our potential. Or we can break through the door and make it happen. That attitude attracts real WEALTH.

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