Great book: The Devil At My Doorstep

I wanted to let you all know about a book I’ve been following for about a year. It’s called “The Devil at My Doorstep” and is written by an author from Indianapolis named Dave Bego. He has a major company, Executive Management Services, that he built from scratch and now has 5,000 employees across the country. A true entrepreneur and very honorable businessman.
SEIU, run by Andy Stern, one of President Obama’s most trusted advisor, came after Dave and his company very hard. Dave recounts the chilling story about a 3 year battle with SEIU and how he was able to defeat them.
I’ve met Dave and he’s a personal friend of my brother, Matt. Just a very engaging and genuine guy. He constantly sends pertinent emails to many of us about important issues like Card Check, SEIU and the healthcare debacle. Now he’s got a great blog.
Here’s his web site. Check it out:

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