Obama Doesn’t Believe in the Boilers or Elkhart County

The Purdue Boilermakers proved Mr. Obama wrong when they fought hard through the first 2 rounds of the NCAA tourney this weekend. It was revealed that our esteemed President picked Siena to beat the Boilers in round 1 and said he “felt sorry for them,” for the adversity with losing a key player to injury about a month ago.

But, the Boilers rallied and showed grit and determination all weekend, making it through to the Sweet 16 Round.
When Obama came to Elkhart several times, he had the same attitude. He feels sorry for us because of all that has happened with our major industries and really doesn’t believe we can do it. That’s why he has to bail us out with the massive stimulus deal. (Same thing applies to the health care issue. We would be much better off with our own private system and letting us take care of our selves. Personal responsibility always trumps big government.)

The message in my book is that we can do it and we believe in ourselves, no matter the odds. That’s the Hoosier, Elkhart County and American way.

Go all the way Boilers!! (and Elkhart County)

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