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New article about my book and my spiritual journey


Cal Ripken loves my book!

I had the pleasure of meeting Cal Ripken at the GKIC Info Summit in Baltimore. He told me he loves my book! Do you have your copy yet? Post your comments if you’ve read the book.

TV Interview on Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick

“No Thank You, Mr. President” makes the news! Spotlight with Gerry Dick promoting Elkhart’s ability to stand strong in a weak economy. Listen and share your feedback! Posted by John Cohoat

My Press Release about Election Results

Indiana Author of
“No Thank You, Mr. President”
Comments on Election Results

For Immediate Release

John Cohoat, author of the book about Elkhart County Indiana businesses, “No Thank You, Mr. President” shares these comments on the results of the mid-term elections. Cohoat said, “I started writing my book about the stories of businesses in Elkhart County right after President Obama’s inauguration because I knew there would be a tide sweeping the Country when the stated goals of his administration would start to be felt. Little did I know how far the themes from ‘No Thank You’ would resonate.”

On Monday, November 1st Cohoat noted the co-host of the Today Show, Meredith Viera said the polls were all showing the mood of the country was changing from Obama’s message of hope from his 2008 campaign to a message of  “Hope to Nope”. Cohoat echoed those sentiments noting the response to his book from speeches and book signings is that people are telling him they receive real inspiration from the entrepreneurial attitude, hard work and resilience of the businesses chronicled in “No Thank You, Mr. President”.

Cohoat also commented that Elkhart County continues to receive national attention as Fox News Icon Glenn Beck has taken note of his book and even mentioned it several times in a recent speech in Northern Indiana and on his nationally syndicated radio talk show. Beck said he plans to focus on the Elkhart County story in the next year as an example for the rest of the Country of how we should draw our strength from the American people and our Constitution, repudiating the notion that government must be the provider. Cohoat states, “The Founders realized a powerful government was the enemy of the people. I think many are starting to realize this is the case. We have much work to do.”

Cohoat is a resident of Elkhart County and works closely with many entrepreneurs and small businesses in the region on growth strategies even in tough times. More information about the book, speeches, seminars and a blog are available at www.nothankyoumrpresident.com.

Glenn Beck talks about book on radio show

On Thursday, September 30th, Glenn Beck mentioned the story of Elkhart County Indiana as a model for the rest of the country. He told how the stimulus had been offered here and that the president had come 4 times to promote stimulus, but that a group of people in our area are saying “No Thank You, Mr. President”. He said that more of us need to follow the example of Elkhart and find a way to fight through tough times on our own, using our talents and abilities, not looking to the government to bail us out.
Glenn had received the book when he was in Angola, Indiana on September 18th speaking at “The Pursuit”, organized by the Michiana 9/12 Coalition. Obviously, the message resonated with Glenn and it was exciting to have him talk about Elkhart on his national radio show!

Glenn Beck Talks About My Book!!

Glenn Beck appeared at “The Pursuit” sponsored by the Michiana 9/12 Coalition on 9-18-10 in Angola, IN at Trine University. The organizers all signed one of my books and gave it to Glenn just before he spoke, telling him the main parts of the story. Glenn talked about it and I happened to capture it on my little video camera. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbJ_HjQwmXM

Elkhart Luncheon Optimist Club 9-23-10

Picture after lunch with my book and the Optimist Creed

I had a great time today at the Elkhart Luncheon Optimist Club meeting held at Pumpernickels in downtown Elkhart. The group was friendly and attentive. They asked several good questions and seemed very much in tune with the theme of my book. One woman came up to me afterward and said she had been thinking the same thing about “No Thank You” and was pleased someone put it down on paper.
Ann Hughes, the President of the group, was very gracious and had many interesting community and social activities to discuss. I was amazed at how much this Optimist Club does for the community.

They even purchased a few books from a grateful author.

Thanks to all.

Interesting Time Article About Obama in Elkhart

This article from Time Magazine which is circulating around message boards in our area points to the attitudes about Pres. Obama and how he approached Elkhart County.
With the benefit of hindsight, I think this validates the main point of my book, which is to repudiate the notion that government is the answer to our economic problems. Even Obama supporters like Dr. Fred Ferlic (a family friend of ours) are starting to realize the answer is “No Thank You, Mr. President”

Book Signing at Das Essenhaus on 8/21

I will be at Das Essenhaus, this Sat. 8/21 for a book signing. I’ll be set up by the Family Dining area. As you may know, they are one of the 10 companies featured in my book.
By the way, the book has been selling quite well at Das Essenhaus. Already sold over 100 in a few weeks. If you want the books to sell, let me know.

Find the Pirate In YOU

I just returned from 3 days in Cleveland, the home of our founder and leader at Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, Dan Kennedy. For 2 full days, about 250 GKIC members got to hear Dan unplugged and at his best with the main theme tied to the release of his updated book “No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy”. Always the provocateur, Dan chose a pirate’s theme for the event, the main point being what he called the Pirate’s Credo: “Take all you can. The universe will make more.” Our main belief should be in abundance, not that when we make money, someone else gives it up.

We live in an era where the rich and successful are often vilified. Author Russell Baker put it this way “Giving the rich a good bashing makes you feel tip-top if you don’t happen to be rich yourself.” Dan’s Wealth Attraction principles are unabashedly aimed at allowing each of us to reach our wealth potential and to have the right alignment of mission in our lives where money, wealth and hopefully peace of mind, are moving toward us.

Of the 30 Wealth Attractors in his book, Dan only included about 12 in the workbook we received and he didn’t even cover all of those. The days were filled with many examples from Dan’s stories, magazine articles, movies and even testimonials from attendees. There was ample time to question Dan.

We also got to see Dan in his element. We got to meet Vicky, his assistant who works in Phoenix and Carla, his wife. Even the “Million Dollar Dog” made an appearance. I’m a big car buff and I was excited to see Dan’s new toy, Dean Martin’s Rolls Royce, which Dan drove to the meeting on Saturday. I have some video and pictures I will show at our next local chapter meeting of GKIC. Finally, the last night some of us were able to join Dan at the harness races, tour his stables (he owns about 20 horses) and even got to see him race.

For me, one big takeaway is that we all have the ability to attract wealth, even in tough times and when we’re under assault. A question posed in the materials was “What are you waiting for?” We all have unrealized goals and Dan’s point was that most of us let obstacles, real or imagined, get in our way. If we are always looking for the right time, having enough resources, having the right partner, somebody else not doing his part, etc. etc. etc. we can certainly find reasons not to reach our potential. Or we can break through the door and make it happen. That attitude attracts real WEALTH.